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Please welcome the one and only – kyat, the official Myanmar currency. I heard about pia coins but actually never saw them alive. I suppose it’s a hundred of cooper pia coins for one Burmese buck. Consequently no one gonna bring them into play whilst one sleazy green American fellow been sold for thousand kyats at least.

The history of kyat is a gloomy and hesitant as all the modern Myanmar history. Burma’s first legal tender was the Indian silver rupee until April 1937, when firstly the Burmese rupee was issued and was widely used till 1952 with the exception of WWII period, when Malayan military dollars were exploited.

On July 1, 1952, the Union Bank of Burma substituted the Burma Currency Board and the Burmese kyat was launched. Since 1952 endless demonetizations took place gather with numerous controversial economic disorders. The contemporary Myanmar kyat was set up in 1989, when aged notes knock down into neglect due to inflation and economical drop of the physical currency itself.

Check the prices to get a feel for modern kyat.

The cost of a cup of tea on a roadside shop is about 150 kyats, while a bowl of mohinga, a habitual Myanmar dish prepared of fish gravy and rice noodles is 150 kyats.

Myanmar currency is an eccentric piece of paper. Passing the border and get this sweeties barely for free. You be able to contract them easily even by caloric border staff, they gonna offer you any deal on the planet, just ask… “… wanna Kalashnikov? Amphetamines? Ooooo, Burmese money, sir…. I see, here we go … and what about lady? Cheap!”

These guys they glance like the wild dream of every Russian anarchist, chewing some smelly red shit, half-naked, drunk or high on meth.

Well, what can I say? Great country, great impressions!

Almost forgot - welcome to my community, hang around and get pleasures, mess around with forum, I should finish the bustard soon.

by Myanmar Mike

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