gold brickin' roadie (deansavatar) wrote in asiapacific,
gold brickin' roadie


Hi All,

I was recently approached through a resume I posted to for a business opportunity by a certain Swedish finance company, specifically Finance Citadel. Basically, the way the gig works is that I would open a business here in the United States, along with a business bank account that they would have access to as a holding for international investments and would wire money into the account. Then, per their instruction I would be responsible for directing money to various investments, purchases, debts, etc. Naturally they want to do a background check on me and ask that I submit a photo for indentification and a utility bill for address verification, and sign an agreement.

My questions are these:

Is there any way that I can verify the legitimacy of this company?

Would anyone have any experience with this particular organization, or are aware of any scams of this nature?

Any insight would be of tremendous value to me, and I appreciate any feeedback and advice. Thank you!

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