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All the (Japanese) news that's fit to blog...

Hey y'all! I'm Kaguya Hime, and I just joined up with asiapacific tonight after seeing the promotion for it on asianstudies. I'm currently a Liberal Studies major with a Double Emphasis in Asian History and South Asian Ethnomusicology, and I'll be graduating with my BA in a matter of weeks! Incredible!

I just started a weekly feature on my own blog, called The Weekly Japanese News Round-Up. Its exactly what it sounds like; at the end of the week, I go through and collect the best stories from about eight different topics of news from Japan (business, politics, society, etc.). If anyone is interested, you can give the last Round-Up a look here, or I can even begin posting it in this community in addition to my own journal. Any thoughts?

Thanks for having me here; I'm looking forward to learning a lot!
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